WorldatWork GRP ® Certification, GCIP and Other Courses


 The different WorldatWork courses and the full GRP ® certification (Global Remuneration Professional ®) are considered fundamental requirement by many companies to develop their Reward practices and professionals - ultimately boosting talent attraction / retention / engagement, sound labor cost administration and overall business performance.

The GRP ® certification is required in many multinationals "by default" to become a Rewards professional of reference.  Other focused courses - the Global Compensation Immersion Program (GCIP), the Sales Compensation and the Geographic Pay Strategies' Courses, etc. -, add value to companies and individual practitioners as per their specific needs.

With the WatW courses (GRP ®, GCIP or otherwise), companies adopt an unified, internationally-validated, world-class Rewards language and approach - by training and certifying (or recruiting already-certified) many or all of their Reward, Mobility, HR and even selected Finance and Business practitioners effectively, with a provider-neutral approach.

Companies with GRP ® Certification, other Courses and Affiliation


 In Continental Europe / the EU overall, companies such as Unilever, Thales, Sodexo, Airbus, Ericsson, IKEA, Sanofi, Telefonica and many others have GRP ®-certified, course takers and affiliated people in their ranks.  

In Germany, you may find companies such as Siemens, Allianz, SAP, Deutsche Post/DHL, Commerzbank, Bayer, RWE, Boehringer Ingelheim, ThyssenKrupp, OSRAM, Merck, BASF, etc.

In Switzerland you have Zurich AG, Novartis, Nestlé, Philip Morris International, Syngenta, Roche, UBS, Schindler, Medtronic, Julius Baer, Adecco, Georg Fischer, International Federation of the Red Cross, etc.  And in Austria, you have representatives from the Raiffeisen bank and other Austrian multinationals.

Plus, international companies with local subsidiaries across the European region also have GRP®-certified and affiliated people : Microsoft, Nike, IBM, Hewlett Packard, Oracle, P&G, John Deere, Estée Lauder, and many others.

Very often, European companies such as those reach convenient agreements with WorldatWork Partners such as ourselves to affiliate, train and/or certify their professionals - fostering team development, a common Rewards language across borders - and saving money.

Please reach out to us if you wish to have company references and learn more specific information.


Advantages of the WatW GRP ® certification, the GCIP and other courses


As opposed to other courses, diplomas, certificates, etc. issued by local consultants, universities or schools, the GRP ® is the only provider-agnostic Rewards' certification, not mere local diploma, that is automatically recognized across the world by all the profession (all three major world regions of Americas, EMEA and Asia-Pacific).  

Other WatW specific courses (GCIP, Sales Compensation, Geographical Strategies, etc.) are also extremely relevant worldwide and are considered a key component of the Rewards professional toolkit.   

For example, the GCIP is often used with people new to Rewards to get them to speed quickly.

GRP ® and the other courses have an unique, often imitated but not quite equaled Body of Knowledge curated by the most advanced world's experts (consultants and practitioners), with content exams on all Reward areas relevant for a top quality real-life practitioner

Now good news is that the GRP ® and several other WatW courses are delivered by Zereon Associates GmbH with European and DACH region adaptation.

 The courses are in virtual-online and also in presential classroom formats from Switzerland (Zurich), by senior certified instructors with vast, direct expertise in Continental Europe and Germany/Switzerland/Austria.  Alternatively, there is also an option of a self-paced e-learning (self-study). 

Certification itself and the other courses are modular - can be taken individually and in any order according to particular preferences and agenda, towards making the certification and / or developmental process flexible for our busy Participants.

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The Global Compensation Immersion Program (GCIP)


The Global Compensation Immersion Program (GCIP) is an intensive, comprehensive Total Rewards course (delivered in FIVE afternoons from Zurich), ideal for professionals who 1) are HR Business Partner generalists that wish to learn all key Reward matters quickly and effectively, 2) are new to Total Rewards, or 3) are taking on new Compensation planning responsibilities for a global workforce. 

Typically, GCIP takers are professionals who possibly do not have time to pursue a full certification and wish upfront to “hit the ground running” quickly in most of the key aspects of Total Rewards.

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 What are you waiting for ?  We offer very competitive rates, with preferential prices and discounts for people from the same company, AND for those who wish to take on more courses and get fully certified with us - saving money from the very first course taken.

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